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Very engaging and Entertaining with kids of all ages!
"We hired bobo for my Son's 4th Superhero party at our home. Bobo arrived promptly and advised me of what to expect and where to set up, which I thought was professional. She did a great job with kids from 4 to 12 years old at the party and was very entertaining. Initially, We were kind of hesitant about hiring a clown due to the persona of the circus clown may be intimidating or over the top for the kids. Not the case at all. In fact, BOBO is a female clown and used the right blend of costume/makeup, which let her personality shine through and be more readily accepted by the kids. We were satisfied with the price point vs. performance as well."  Jarrod W. 


4th bday party
Have to admit, when my daughter said she wanted a clown, I was dreading it. Fast forward to party's everything I had to do. 1)Take pictures 2)have fun. Bobo ran the entire show/party and it was GREAT! The kids were completely entertained, laughing, and having a ball. The games and activities were great, and they especially loved the animal balloons and face painting. Bobo was awesome to deal with on the phone setting everything up and will truly make your party easy, stress free, and lots of fun. Would highly recommend. Kim N.


We were all pleasantly surprised at the great show. Bobo the clown performed for the children as well as the adults, the interaction was amazing. All the kids got to participate and some adults as well. Would highly recommend her to anyone. 
Pamela R. Westmoreland Library


Fantastic with kids of all ages!
"We had a great party thanks to BOBO! She made all the kids have a wonderful time and the adults really liked her too! We didn't have to do anything... she made the party great!" 
Arnold T. 

Bobo Love!

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